18th Annual Chill Out sidesteps Mother Nature’s wrath

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All the previous week there were ominous forecasts for up to 20 ft surf and driving rain. (That fait fell on the Chuck Noll contest up north in Crescent City held on the same day as the Chill Out, as reported by club members that were there.) When dawn broke on Sat, Oct 4 to reveal glassy 2 ft waves and overcast skies the army of contest set up volunteers and 1st heat competitors breathed a collective sigh of relief. In fact doomsday forecasts changed to real time minimal conditions so fast the judges’ stand scaffolding put up the night before had to be abandoned at Boat Docks for a last minute set up next to Taco Bell.
As the day wore on the semis and finals saw as much as 10 ft faces with heavy onshore chop, so the predicted weather had not missed Linda Mar by much.
More than 115 longboarders from up and down the California coast, Mendicino to Malibu, competed with the biggest group being in the 50-59yr old divisions.
The event was a tribute to the memory of Cam Pierce, one of our club founders, who recently succumbed to a long illness; Craig Belluomini, a beloved local surfer who recently passed away while abalone diving on the Sonoma County Coast; and Woody Brown (our good friend from Hawaii).
This year’s contest honoree was the legendary Hawaiian big wave rider, Pedro Point Surf Club Member and author Fred Van Dyke. Fred grew up in San Francisco (eventually moving to Hawaii) and remembers coming to Pedro in 1936, when he and his dad would launch a fishing boat from “Boat Docks” and spend the day fishing off the Point.
At the Chill Out he talked story with young and old and signed books and posters for his many fans. PPSC would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who volunteered, participated, and purchased raffle tickets at the event.
Proceeds from the Big Chill Out go to the Ride-A-Wave Foundation, the Pacifica Beach Coalition and the Surfrider Foundation to name just a few of the worthy causes that the club has donated to over the years that are environment, surf, and local community related.

Big Chill Out 2008 Final Results
Junior Womens
1 Krista Howell – PPSC
2 Asi Ghiassi – PPSC
3 Celina McWherter – NC
4 Shae – PPSC
5 Crystal Meagher – RT
6 Camille Keating – NC

1 Stephanie Phillips – PPSC
2 Beth O’Rourke – LS
3 Shona Anderson – NC
4 Robyn King – PPSC
5 Mary O’Brien – PSPC
6 Karen Cochran – PPSC

Junior Mens
1 Kai Maderos – BSSA
2 Kadin Panesi – NC
3 Roland Nazar – PPSC
4 Brogie Panesi – NC
5 Kyle Jackson – PPSC
6 Liam Hession – BSSA

1 Steve Thomas – LS
2 Todd Johnson – RT
3 Brian Tagnozzi – NC
4 Tait Cowan – LS
5 Pat Faughender – LS
6 Jordan McWherter – NC

Senior Mens
1 Greg Gubser – LS
2 Jim Tjogas – NC
3 Jessie Adams – NC
4 Steve Dwyer – NC
5 Kevin Rhodes – NC
6 Shonne Kawamoto – PPSC

1 Tim Cissna – PPSC
2 Tom Radich – BSSA
3 Jim Vreeland – PPSC
4 Norm Payne – NC
5 Jim Holt – LS
6 Hide Minami – NC

Grand Masters
1 Joel Baldwin – PPSC
2 Izzy Szczepaniak – PPSC
3 Steve St. Clair – NC
4 Eric Weintraub – NC
5 Bill Newlin – PPSC
6 Johnnie Bamont – PPSC

1 Rick Loeper – PPSC
2 Dave Zarate – PPSC
3 Greg Cochran – PPSC
4 John Chiles – PPSC
5 Don “Ferret” French – BSSA
6 Dan Pincetich – PPSC

1 Pedro Point Surf Club (PPSC)
2 Nor Cal Surf Shop (NC)
3 Log Shop Surf Shop (LS)
4 Red Triangle Surf Club (RT)
5 Big Stick Surfing Association (BSSA)
6 Green Triangle Surf Team (GT)

1 Cal Tenney
2 Lenny Richards
3 Chris Duran
4 Chuck Blade
5 Anne Moellering

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