1st Annual Marine Mammal Surf Festival is a Hit

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Joe Grachowski – photo Don Montgomery

Surfers for Cetaceans (S4C) is a voice for the international community of surfers, all of whom, without exception, are the friend of whales and dolphins and who, in a shared love of the ocean, see cetaceans as family – as next of kin.

S4C therefore is opposed to killing or mistreatment of whales and dolphins and calls on all those involved in such to turn away from creating such unnecessary suffering and instead to cherish and celebrate Whale Nation by protecting cetaceans, their home seas and their migrations.

Leonelli approached Shawn Rhodes, Mavericks Big Wave Surfer and Co owner of NorCal Surf shop with the idea of holding an event. Rhodes his partner Greg Savin and the Norcal crew already successfully host one of the North Coast biggest and longest running surf events, The Uncle Dicks Surf Fest every November. Shawn and Savin agreed with Leoneli and committed the NorCal Crew and all of its resources including master event coordinator and shop Manager Jeremiah Johnson. Together with the generous help from a lot of supporting sponsors Johnson and his crew put together a great event and managed to raise some much needed funds to further the cause.
“The support from the local community both surfers and non-surfers alike was amazing”, said Johnson. “A lot of great sponsors donated some amazing product that helped raise a lot of money.”

With a successful 1st event under their belts, contest organizers committed to making this an annual event.

“With the success of our first event we hope to land a major sponsor next year that can help us grow this event year after year,” said Johnson.
At the awards ceremony and after party held at NorCal Surf shop, Shawn Rhodes thanked all involved and pointed out that mid-day during the event two grey whales were spotted just outside Pedro Point. “See they’re watching”, said Rhodes.

Next Event Scheduled -November 22nd – which will have a day component -paddle out with whale/dolphins prayer/vows by Dave Rastovich – and an evening component – reception/silent & live auction, along with the movie premiere for “MINDS IN THE WATER,” movie by Dave Rastovich, Justin Krumb (movie producer) and Steve Bartilotti (editor Surfer Magazine), which will be attended by many celebs. artists, musicians & Rasta himself. – “LIQUID NATION” style.

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