2014 Santa Barbara Surfari

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For the 25th consecutive year (give or take a couple years here and there), club members made the annual trek down to Santa Barbara, leaving their 5 mils, booties, and hoods at home. As you’ll recall, the entire CA coast was lit up with great swell for most of January and the Ventura county coastline was no exception. Rumors of a building swell steep enough to skirt the Channel Islands was the talk of the town, both in Pacifica and Santa Barbara.

In total, almost 30 club members, family members, friends and groupies ventured down to Carpenteria State Beach for the three day MLK weekend. Camping means different things to different people. Sleeping arrangements took on all forms: RVs, tents, vans, cars, pickups and, perhaps after too much partying, the beach or a nearby shrub. What we did share in common was great times and great surf.

Ventura, particularly C Street, provided great surf early in the weekend. As the weekend progressed, conditions farther north started improving and club members chased the swell accordingly. The lineups at Silver Strand, Hammond’s, Hobson’s, Little Rincon, Campus Point, Devereux and even Refugio all had PPSC representation. The Queen of the Coast, Rincon, was spared an invasion by the club due to the annual Rincon Classic.

Post-surf, tired shoulders were re-hydrated with a bevy of assorted beverages at haunts like the Island Brewing Company, The Palms (where club members convened to get their collective hearts ripped out by the Seattle Seahawks for the NFC title game), and select firepits on the Santa Cruz and Anacapa Loops of the campground.

In summary:

The weather? Phenomenal.

The food? Tremendous.

The surf? Outstanding.

The crowds? Totally manageable.

The final verdict? Epic fun.

A boatload of thanks goes to Roy “Radar” Earnest for, once again, organizing this annual event. Salud!

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