2014 Santa Cruz Longboard Invitational

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Over Memorial Day weekend, the Club competed in the 30th Annual SCLU Invitational at Steamer Lane on the West Side of Santa Cruz. The weather was beautiful, the waves were great, and the Club came out in force to compete and support. When all was said and done, the Club finished third, its best finish ever in this long-running, popular event. Individual results are as follows:

Greg Cochran: 5th Place Legends
Leah Conroy: 4th Place Women’s Shortboard; 4th Place Women’s Longboard; 4th Place Women’s Masters
Danny Cortazzo: 6th Place Men’s Shortboard; 2nd Place Grand Masters
Ryan Devine: 2nd Place Senior Men’s
Kierra Fedio: 6th Place Menehune Girl’s
Mike Gerhardt: 5th Place Men’s Masters
Asi Ghiassi: 6th Place Senior Women’s
Peter Ogilvie:  3rd Place Super Legends
Kaira Wallace: 5th Place Junior Women’s
Konrad Wallace: 5th Place Junior Men’s

Additional Club team surfers:
Karen Cochran
Matt Hertzberg
Stephanie Phillips
Mark Shotwell
Michelle Simpson
Clayton Tallman
Mike Wallace

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