2014 Santa Cruz Longboard Invitational

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2014 Santa Cruz Longboard Invitational

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Club competed in the 30th Annual SCLU Invitational at Steamer Lane on the West Side of Santa Cruz. The weather was beautiful, the waves were great, and the Club came out in force to compete and support. When all was said and done, the Club finished third, its best finish ever in this long-running, popular event. Individual results are as follows:

Greg Cochran: 5th Place Legends
Leah Conroy: 4th Place Women’s Shortboard; 4th Place Women’s Longboard; 4th Place Women’s Masters
Danny Cortazzo: 6th Place Men’s Shortboard; 2nd Place Grand Masters
Ryan Devine: 2nd Place Senior Men’s
Kierra Fedio: 6th Place Menehune Girl’s
Mike Gerhardt: 5th Place Men’s Masters
Asi Ghiassi: 6th Place Senior Women’s
Peter Ogilvie:  3rd Place Super Legends
Kaira Wallace: 5th Place Junior Women’s
Konrad Wallace: 5th Place Junior Men’s

Additional Club team surfers:
Karen Cochran
Matt Hertzberg
Stephanie Phillips
Mark Shotwell
Michelle Simpson
Clayton Tallman
Mike Wallace


Grom Infusion

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Grom Infusion

Say what you will about groms (always under foot, clogging up the beach and surf, etc.), but they are our future and we love to see them in the club. Whether it’s at the Family picnic, the menehune event at the Big Chill Out or at our monthly meeting, they’re a welcome addition and a constant reminder that surfing is something special that should be shared. The April Club meeting featured two presentations by some of our younger members and their love of the ocean was crystal clear.

Sascha, a P-town based second grader, received a special accommodation from the Club for her essay on Oceans. Sascha waxed poetic on the special characteristics of the ocean and why Big Blue means so much to her. On behalf of the club, Izzy Szczepaniak presented Sascha with a certificate and one week tuition for …


Schedule Update from June to year end – Intraclubs are back!

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Saturday, June 21st – 2014 PPSC Intraclub Contest just south of Taco Bell 8AM – 10AM – All are welcome, we are also doing a judges clinic at the same time so please put this on your calendar. All levels of surfers and judges and want to be judges are encouraged to show up on the 21st of June – For more info call Greg Cochran
          Saturday, July 19th – The Kahuna Kupuna Surf Classic – Linda Mar Beach – Go to: for more info or call contest director Roy Earnest @ 650 438-6378
Please join us for this fun filled event
          Saturday, Sunday August 2nd and 3rd – Oceanside Surf Festival – Oceanside Pier, Oceanside
          Sunday, August 17th – PPSC Annual Family Picnic – Noon – 4PM, Frontierland Park, Pacifica
          September 5-7 – Malibu Surfing Association Classic – Surfrider Beach, Malibu
          Saturday, October 4th – The 24th Annual Big Chill Out Club Invitational
          Saturday, …


Waikiki Surfari May 9-19 – Big Fun

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From left, Debbie Walker, Karen Cochran and friends


Happy Hour at Jimmy Buffet’s: from left, Antoinette Cresci de la Torre and husband, Tom and Chris Radich, friend, Karen Cochran, friend, Debbie Walker, friend, Greg Cochran, and kids


Chasing Mavericks Movie Night Was a Big Hit

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From left to right: Frosty Hesson, Grant Washburn, Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Peter Mel, Jeff Clark

By special permission from Fox Studios, Lynn Adams and the Pacifica Beach Coalition presented “Chasing Mavericks”, a surf movie about Santa Cruz surfing icon, Jay Moriarity and Frosty Hesson, his mentor. It was a sold out evening at the Mildred Owen Concert Hall, Sanchez Center, Pacifica last Saturday night.
One of the film’s producers lead a panel of Mavericks surfing stars along with Frosty Hesson, including current Mavericks Big Wave Contest champ, Grant “Twiggy” Baker, 2012 Mavericks winner Peter Mel, Mavericks founder Jeff Clark and Mavericks veteran contestant and film maker, Grant Washburn. All either surfed Mavericks as extras or played a role in the filming of the movie. We were entertained by their anecdotes around the adventure that went into the making of “Chasing Mavericks”.
Frosty Hesson talked about the philosophy of “Live Like Jay”. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night to remember.
Our president, Greg Cochran, played a large role …


2014 Santa Barbara Surfari

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2014 Santa Barbara Surfari

For the 25th consecutive year (give or take a couple years here and there), club members made the annual trek down to Santa Barbara, leaving their 5 mils, booties, and hoods at home. As you’ll recall, the entire CA coast was lit up with great swell for most of January and the Ventura county coastline was no exception. Rumors of a building swell steep enough to skirt the Channel Islands was the talk of the town, both in Pacifica and Santa Barbara.

In total, almost 30 club members, family members, friends and groupies ventured down to Carpenteria State Beach for the three day MLK weekend. Camping means different things to different people. Sleeping arrangements took on all forms: RVs, tents, vans, cars, pickups and, perhaps after too much partying, the beach or a nearby shrub. What we did share in common …



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1.  Kon Wallace
2.  Daven Haywood
3.  Reilly Stone
4.  Tyler Hartnell
5.  Nat Feix
6.  Clayton Tallman

1.  Matt Hertzberg
2.  Mason Nalze
3.  Martin Jordan
4.  Brent Paulson
5.  Ari Kalfayan

1.  Ryan Devine
2.  Todd Johnson
3.  Stefan Mayo
4.  Larry Bolander
5.  Hunter Chiles

1.  Mike Gerhart
2.  Change
3.  Kevin Rhodes
4.  Steve Baker
5.  Heart
6.  Mark Shotwell
7.  Thwen

1.  Thomas Feix
2.  Sean Scallan
3.  Hide Minami
4.  Robert Barnhill
5.  Bob Livingston
6. Tom Radich
7.  Myles kleinfeld

1.  Joel Baldwin
2.  Greg Cochran
3.  John Chiles
4.  Izzy Szczepaniak
5.  Rick Loeper
6.  Steve Teich

1.  Vince Pando

1.  Kaira Wallace
2.  Ruby Stabel
3.  Michelle Simpson
4.  Alana Nottmeyer

1.  Julie Cox
2.  Briane Sampson
3.  Laura Labrador
4.  Asi Ghiassi
5.  Krista Howell
6.  Amanda Harper

1.  Julie Kingsley
2.  Chris ChiechiI
3.  Stephanie Phillips
4.  Karen Cochran
5.  Lisa Ryner
6.  Robyn Cochran
7.  Marleis Tallman

1.  Larry Bolander
2.  Gil Garcia
3.  Don Potter
4.  Shawn King
5.  Hide Minami
6.  Cole Tallman

1.  Team Szczepaniak
2.  Team Wallace
3.  Team Shotwell
4.  Team Heart


Hot Summer Picnic 2013 – Good Times

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Hot Summer Picnic 2013 – Good Times

Many new faces, great food, live music, and the hot afternoon wasn’t too much with the tents over our heads. Thanks to Rob Dougherty for these pics.