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Big Turnout for Lyle Johnson’s Paddleout

Posted on Mar 4, 2011 by PPSC in Community.

The surfing community honored one of their own Saturday, Feb. 26, with a “paddle out” in honor of Lyle David Johnson. Greg Cochran, president of the Pedro Point Surf Club, led the memorial with words of accolades of a giving man who was beloved by all. After words of memories the surfers grabbed their boards and in mass headed out through the surf. Once in calmer water they made a circle by clasping hands then raised their hands and shouted Johnson’s name. Finally, the surfers splashed the water and threw flowers into the circle.

Johnson was a founding member of the Pedro Point Surf Club and known by many as “Dr. Lyle” or the “board surgeon” because he repaired broken boards. Many stepped forward to remember what he had done for them at little or no charge. Cochran recounted how he …


Jim Franco Remembrance

Posted on Feb 16, 2011 by PPSC in Community.
Jim Franco Remembrance


Our prayers are with Sandy Alesna and his family

Posted on Nov 2, 2010 by PPSC in Community.
Our prayers are with Sandy Alesna and his family

Sandy Alesna, long time Linda Mar surfer and PPSC member had a heart attack out in the water at Pleasure Point on Sunday and was taken to Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz where he is in a coma in intensive care at the moment. Greg Cochran and I (Rick L) saw him today, Tues, 11/2, and his status is still pending.

Please join us in a prayer and good vibes that he may recover. He is a dear friend to many of us in the PPSC.

Here he is at the Chill Out a few weeks ago (R, in blue)

Thanks to Debbie Cissna for the great photo.


Amber Powell’s Fundraiser Thank You Letter

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Paddle out for longtime Linda Mar surfer, Jim Franco

Posted on Oct 12, 2010 by PPSC in Community.

Jim Franco was the first photographer for the Pedro Point Surf Club and many longtime local surfers remember the photos he took as the best they had of them surfing. He was a Peninsula resident for many years known fondly by San Francisco students as the “Bug Man” for his work exterminating insects at city schools.
About eight months ago, Franco returned to the ocean after living in Las Vegas for about four years. He was the eighth fatality of the massive San Bruno explosion.

There will be a paddle out for him this Sat. Oct 16 at 1:30pm at Linda Mar Beach creek mouth, followed by burritos and tequila reception at La Playa.


Marina Bucini selected for 2010 Surf Camp Pacifica scholarship

Posted on Jun 12, 2010 by PPSC in Community.

Marina’s heartfelt essay on her love of the ocean and participation in keeping Pacifica and its beaches clean of litter won her one week of surf lessons at the Gubsers’ Surf Pacifica summer surf camp. Congratulations Marina and thank you from the selection committee for the nice thank you note posted here.


Ride-A-Wave Movie coming to Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz

Posted on May 1, 2010 by PPSC in Community. Comments Off on Ride-A-Wave Movie coming to Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz

Danny Cortazzo’s Ride-a-Wave program to get physically, financially and circumstancially challenged kids into the water and having the time of their lives will soon have a film out documenting some of the great times the Ride-a-Wave events have been. Here’s a link to the promo video for the film to be premiered soon at the Rio Theatre 1205 Soquel Ave in Santa Cruz. It’s inspiring.
Many of our PPSC members have participated in these events and all come away with a feeling of joy.
Visit to learn more about how you can be a part of it!


Mahalo from Jay Jansson

Posted on Mar 21, 2010 by PPSC in Community. Comments Off on Mahalo from Jay Jansson

Aloha and I want to thank my many PPSC brothers and sisters along with family and friends who attended the Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame dinner. I was overwhelmed with all the aloha spirit, friendship and love that was shared with Peggy and me. Sunday morning with the PPSC at Boat Docks was also very special and the picture was memorable.
It was great to hear Glenn Stenstrom’s story and accolades as he was inducted into the PSHOF for his wrestling and coaching. Glenn is a long time member of the PPSC and a life long Pacifica surfer. It was my honor to be inducted in the class of 2010 of the PSHOF with him.
Much of the honor I received was due mainly to the PPSC founders and all the members and families of the PPSC. We …


PPSC donates $1000 to Ride-A-Wave at last Max’s Kids Day at Cowells, Santa Cruz

Posted on Jul 3, 2008 by PPSC in Community. Comments Off on PPSC donates $1000 to Ride-A-Wave at last Max’s Kids Day at Cowells, Santa Cruz

PPSC member and Ride-A-Wave founder, Danny Cortazzo accepts $1000 donation from PPSC president, Greg Cochran
In 1990, while training for the U.S. national lifeguard team in Australia, Danny Cortazzo had a near-death experience when a car struck the bike he was riding. The accident kept the avid 27-year-old surfer out of the water for three months while he recovered. During that time, Cortazzo began thinking about people who never had the opportunity to experience the ocean and decided to create the Malibu Boardriders Club with fellow surfers once he had returned to the United States.
The club, which got started in 1992, offered children who were economically, physically or developmentally disabled a chance to enjoy the beach and surf. After moving to the Bay Area in 1998, Cortazzo, a Santa Clara firefighter and Santa Cruz lifeguard, formed a similar organization called Ride-A-Wave.
The …


Memories of Woody Brown (1912-2008)

Posted on Apr 24, 2008 by PPSC in Community. Comments Off on Memories of Woody Brown (1912-2008)

by Greg Cochran
He was a very good friend of mine. I met him in the 60’s in Waikiki. I had a chance to hang out with him on his catamaran. We last saw him just four years ago. He’d always have a great story for you.
When I took him to the gate at SFO, just as he was walking to the gate, he turned and with that beautiful snaggle tooth smile he said, “We are the luckiest people in the world. We get to go home and catch a wave!” I could hear him laughing until I couldn’t see him anymore. I see him now still. He has a place here with me in my heart. You couldn’t help but love the guy! He was very dear to me.

The entire Hawaiian surfing community mourns the loss of one of the …