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PPSC member Clay Johnson took 2nd place, Middle School State Longboard Championships in Oceanside

Posted on May 4, 2016 by Pedro Point Surf Club in Contest Results, Member News.
PPSC member Clay Johnson took 2nd place, Middle School State Longboard Championships in Oceanside


PPSC’s First Ever Big Stick Surfing Assn Logjam Win

Posted on Apr 29, 2015 by Pedro Point Surf Club in Contest and Events Schedule, Contest Results.
PPSC’s First Ever Big Stick Surfing Assn Logjam Win

Boy, did the club ever bring home the bacon this year! We’ve always been a contenda’ but on the weekend of April 25-26th, 2015 PPSC finally won the whole thing. (HAPPY DANCE!) Take a look at the results below. Some new faces and many regulars are to be congratulated. So next time you see these folks give ’em some love for the great job they did. They are always up against some of the best in the business for this event making the win all the more impressive.

Logjam!2015 Results


2014 Santa Cruz Longboard Invitational

Posted on Jun 2, 2014 by Pedro Point Surf Club in Contest Results.
2014 Santa Cruz Longboard Invitational

Over Memorial Day weekend, the Club competed in the 30th Annual SCLU Invitational at Steamer Lane on the West Side of Santa Cruz. The weather was beautiful, the waves were great, and the Club came out in force to compete and support. When all was said and done, the Club finished third, its best finish ever in this long-running, popular event. Individual results are as follows:

Greg Cochran: 5th Place Legends
Leah Conroy: 4th Place Women’s Shortboard; 4th Place Women’s Longboard; 4th Place Women’s Masters
Danny Cortazzo: 6th Place Men’s Shortboard; 2nd Place Grand Masters
Ryan Devine: 2nd Place Senior Men’s
Kierra Fedio: 6th Place Menehune Girl’s
Mike Gerhardt: 5th Place Men’s Masters
Asi Ghiassi: 6th Place Senior Women’s
Peter Ogilvie:  3rd Place Super Legends
Kaira Wallace: 5th Place Junior Women’s
Konrad Wallace: 5th Place Junior Men’s

Additional Club team surfers:
Karen Cochran
Matt Hertzberg
Stephanie Phillips
Mark Shotwell
Michelle Simpson
Clayton Tallman
Mike Wallace



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1.  Kon Wallace
2.  Daven Haywood
3.  Reilly Stone
4.  Tyler Hartnell
5.  Nat Feix
6.  Clayton Tallman

1.  Matt Hertzberg
2.  Mason Nalze
3.  Martin Jordan
4.  Brent Paulson
5.  Ari Kalfayan

1.  Ryan Devine
2.  Todd Johnson
3.  Stefan Mayo
4.  Larry Bolander
5.  Hunter Chiles

1.  Mike Gerhart
2.  Change
3.  Kevin Rhodes
4.  Steve Baker
5.  Heart
6.  Mark Shotwell
7.  Thwen

1.  Thomas Feix
2.  Sean Scallan
3.  Hide Minami
4.  Robert Barnhill
5.  Bob Livingston
6. Tom Radich
7.  Myles kleinfeld

1.  Joel Baldwin
2.  Greg Cochran
3.  John Chiles
4.  Izzy Szczepaniak
5.  Rick Loeper
6.  Steve Teich

1.  Vince Pando

1.  Kaira Wallace
2.  Ruby Stabel
3.  Michelle Simpson
4.  Alana Nottmeyer

1.  Julie Cox
2.  Briane Sampson
3.  Laura Labrador
4.  Asi Ghiassi
5.  Krista Howell
6.  Amanda Harper

1.  Julie Kingsley
2.  Chris ChiechiI
3.  Stephanie Phillips
4.  Karen Cochran
5.  Lisa Ryner
6.  Robyn Cochran
7.  Marleis Tallman

1.  Larry Bolander
2.  Gil Garcia
3.  Don Potter
4.  Shawn King
5.  Hide Minami
6.  Cole Tallman

1.  Team Szczepaniak
2.  Team Wallace
3.  Team Shotwell
4.  Team Heart


13th Annual Kahuna Kupuna Results

Posted on Jul 19, 2012 by Pedro Point Surf Club in Contest Results.

Saturday, July 14, 2012 at Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica, CA

Conditions: 2’ – 4’ with occasional 5’ sets, Sunny skies, side offshore winds, Water Temp: 54 degrees

Kahuna Photos:!i=1984644427&k=jkgb9cR


Women’s Junior Kupuna Division: 40-49 Shortboard

1. Ann Moellering

2. Stephanie Phillips

3. Ann Shih

Women’s Junior Kupuna Division: 40-49 Longboard

1. Ann Moldering

2. Stephanie Phillips

Women’s Master Kupuna Division: 50-54 Shortboard

1. Leah Conroy

Women’s Master Kupuna Division: 50-54 Longboard

1. Leah Conroy

2. Chris Chiechi-Radich

Women’s Grand Master Kupuna Division: 55-59 Longboard

1. Karen Cochran

2. Lisa Ryner


SUP Kupuna Division (All Ages men and women)

1. Todd Johnson

2. Hide Minami

3. Shawn King

4. Haley Fiske

5. Gil Garcia


Intergenerational Teams are open to all ages, each team represents three generations, 6 member teams, each team paddles out in own heat, highest team score wins

1. Team Szczepaniak – Izzy Szczepaniak, Rick Loeper, Matt …


Another Successful Showing for PPSC at SCLU Memorial Day Contest

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Just returned from a victorious weekend at Steamer Lane.
Pedro Point Surf Club came in 3rd place overall, 2nd place went to Santa Cruz Longboard Union and 1st place went to Windansea!
Complete Individual results to follow!


Big Chill Out 21 Results

Posted on Sep 19, 2011 by PPSC in Contest Results.

Results for the Big Chill Out are now posted. Thanks to everyone who came to the event!


PPSC takes 3rd at Santa Cruz Memorial Day Club Invitational

Posted on Jun 19, 2011 by PPSC in Contest Results.

The Club sent a team of 19 riders to Santa Cruz over the Memorial Day weekend to take part in the 27th Annual Santa Cruz Longboard Union’s Memorial Day Weekend Club Invitational held at Steamers Lane. PPSC made a strong showing finishing 3rd out of 13 teams including Swamis, Malibu and Oceanside.

Unlike the last 3 years the weather was beautiful. It was the first day of summer-like weather with warm sunny skies and just a slight breeze late in the afternoon. The waves were a steady waist to head high with some larger sets sneaking in on the contestants.

PPSC had 4 women surf into the finals in 5 divisions. Michelle Simpson, the youngest PPSC team rider at 12 yrs old, surfed in the Novice Division and finished second. Beth O’Rourke and Sarah Gerhardt surfed in the …


SCLU Memorial Weekend Club Invitational at Steamer Lane Results

Posted on Jun 3, 2011 by PPSC in Contest Results.

Here are the results from the 27th Annual Memorial weekend Club Invitational at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz:

Michelle Simpson 2nd Novice

Ryan Devine 4th Sr Men & 5th in Open Men

Danny Cortazzo 3rd Men’s Masters

Beth O’Rourke 6th Sr Women

Sarah Gerhardt 3rd Sr Woman & 1st in Open Women

Karen Cochran 5th Master’s Women

Joel Baldwin 5th Men’s Legends

Greg Cochran 4th Men’s Legends

Vince Pando 3rd Sr Legends

Team Paddle Race Results:

Pedro Point Surf Club 4th

Team Results:

Windansea (La Jolla) 1st

Santa Cruz Longboard Union 2nd

Pedro Point Surf Club 3rd

Doheny Surf Club 4th

Malibu Surfing Association 5th

Big Stick Surfing Associaiton 6th

out of 13 teams

Other Pedro Point Surf Club members who participated in the weekend contest & were also responsible for our 3rd Place Victory:

Pat Faughender

Matt Hertzburg


Dave Duncan

Todd Smith

Dave Zarate


Krista Howell

Izzy Szczepaniak

Rick Loeper


Team PPSC brings home 1st Place trophy from Log Jam

Posted on Apr 26, 2011 by PPSC in Contest Results, Photos.
Team PPSC brings home 1st Place trophy from Log Jam

Stephanie Phillips, 3rd Place Womens

Pat Faughender and Ryan Devine, 1st Place Aloha heat

Photos: Izzy Szczepaniak

Thanks to team capt, Stephanie Phillips, who recruited a winning team for this year’s Big Stick Surfing Assn Log Jam vintage longboard surf contest at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz held April 16-17. All the results are on Big Stick’s website at Click on “Sundays Results”. For PPSC Todd Smith took 2nd in Paddling, Danny Cortazzo 1st in Masters, Ashley Lloyd 1st in Jr Womens, Beth O’Rourke, Stacy Willis and Stef Phillips came in 1,2 and 3 in Womens, Greg Cochran took 2nd in Legends, Karen Cochran 3rd in Sr Womens, Ryan Devine and Pat Faughender took 1st and Alex Thompson and Ashley LLoyd 2nd in the Aloha heat and Vince Pando got 2nd in Kahunas to give PPSC the Team 1st Place trophy. Quite an accomplishment …