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2017 PPSC Schedule of Events

Posted on Dec 29, 2016 by Pedro Point Surf Club in Contest and Events Schedule, Surfaris.

PPSC Business Meetings are held the last Thursday of each month at the Pacifica Community Center on Crespi Dr in Pacifica. 7:00 PM meeting with Pizza/salads/deserts. All are welcome.
Next Mtg, 1/26/17, 7pm

Jan/MLK Week Annually– PPSC Surfari to Santa Barbara/Ventura Counties. Camping the Carpinteria State Park or many local hotels. For more details contact Roy Earnest at e-mail: or 650 438-6378

February 18-19 – Big Bad and Ugly Surf and Turf – The Rock at Morro Bay
February 24 – Earth Day Surf Movie Night – MildredOwen Concert Hall in Paciifca
April 29-30 -Big Stick Surfing Associations “Log Jam” Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz

May 9- 24- Hawaii Surfari (Waikiki and North Shore)
May 27-28 – Santa Cruz Longboard Union’s “Memorial Weekend Invitational Surf Contest” – Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz

July (Date TBA) – Malibu Board Riders “Call to the Wall” – Surfrider Beach, Malibu
July 22 The 18th Annual Kahuna Kupuna – Linda Mar
August 12-13 – Oceanside Surf …


Waikiki Surfari May 9-19 , 2014- Big Fun

Posted on May 30, 2014 by Pedro Point Surf Club in Surfaris.
From left, Debbie Walker, Karen Cochran and friends


Greg and Karen Cochran taking a walk along Waikiki beach, PPSC stompin' grounds on these surfaris

Happy Hour at Jimmy Buffet’s: from left, Antoinette Cresci de la Torre and husband, Tom and Chris Radich, friend, Karen Cochran, friend, Debbie Walker, friend, Greg Cochran, and kids

From left, Debbie Walker, Karen Cochran and friends at the traditional PPSC meeting spot on the beach in front of Prince Kuhio Park snack bar (Duke statue)


2014 Santa Barbara Surfari

Posted on Mar 13, 2014 by Pedro Point Surf Club in Surfaris.
2014 Santa Barbara Surfari

For the 25th consecutive year (give or take a couple years here and there), club members made the annual trek down to Santa Barbara, leaving their 5 mils, booties, and hoods at home. As you’ll recall, the entire CA coast was lit up with great swell for most of January and the Ventura county coastline was no exception. Rumors of a building swell steep enough to skirt the Channel Islands was the talk of the town, both in Pacifica and Santa Barbara.

In total, almost 30 club members, family members, friends and groupies ventured down to Carpenteria State Beach for the three day MLK weekend. Camping means different things to different people. Sleeping arrangements took on all forms: RVs, tents, vans, cars, pickups and, perhaps after too much partying, the beach or a nearby shrub. What we did share in common …


Santa Barbara Surfari 2011

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Santa Barbara Surfari 2011

by Lisa Ryner

Photos by Roy Earnst

This year’s MLK surf safari to Santa Barbara boasted incredible weather, fun surf and as always the camaraderie of fellow PPSC’ers away from the home break enjoying the ease of campground life among friends. As has been for more than 25 years the trip was organized and led by Roy “Radar” Earnst and this year was attended by Mike Ryan (aka “Mr. Happy” — about to retire), Tom Ferro (“The Wok Master”), Dave Duncan “Donuts” and his wife Diane and son Brendan, Gary Leong along with 3 of his SUP boards, Alp and his wife Elizabeth, daughter Sabrina and dogs Cassidy and Sundance, Tim “Energizer Bunny” Cissna and son Eric, “Wild Man” Izzy Szczepaniak, Paul “Celticman” Gallagher, myself, Jay “El Presidente” Janssen, and Rich Rankin from Lake Arrowhead who after having a single conversation over …


Annual Santa Barbara Surfari found exceptional waves

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by Dave Duncan

The annual PPSC surfari to Santa Barbara was held over the Martin Luther King weekend, led by Roy “Radar” Earnest. Roy has been organizing this trip for several years now. Donning his trusty ‘coon skin cap, Davy Crockett-style, he blazed the trail for us who dared to follow on another fun surf adventure.

This year the PPSC camp HQ was in Faria County Park at Pitas Pt. in Ventura County instead of the usual Refugio State Beach. The Refugio Campground, we found out several weeks before the trip, met with the budget axe and is closed Dec. 1 to Mar. 31. Moving down the coast to Faria worked out well with ample surf north and south of camp.

Those who ventured down this year to enjoy the sunny skies and great surf were Gary …


Waikiki Surfari in May – Good waves, great company

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Night out at Hee Hing’s with original Waikiki beach boy, Donald Goo and family: Donald’s in red shirt center back of front table, Karen Cochran on his left and Debbie Walker, right. Around front table to Karen’s left are Brennan and Diane Duncan, Nora and Mike, Judy 2 and Bill, Cody (Ivan’s son) and Ivan of “Ivan’s Reef” in green. Starting with Greg Cochran in back, Carolyn behind Donald. Elton (Donald’s son) and wife Myava from Tahiti seated back of back table. GJ (Elton’s daughter’s boyfriend) and friend from Tahiti behind Elton. Rick Loeper and wife, Jannae, front of back table. Jeanine, Lisa Ryner’s friend, Lisa, and Adrian, Debbie’s work friend. Dave Duncan’s taking the photo.

Earlier in the week some of the group tried out Jimmy Buffet’s at the Beachcomber. From bottom right: Debbie Walker, Lisa Ryner, Brennan and Dave …


Sally Durham in Baja

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Sally Durham on a recent Baja trip righthander. Nice wave. You’ll have to ask her where, but then she’d have to shoot you.


Santa Barbara Surfari Jan ’08

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Annual Winter 2008 PPSC Sufari’ers at Refugio State Beach, Goleta, CA – Left to Right: Roy Earnest, Jo Earnshaw, Sky Parsons, Mike Ryan, KC Earnshaw, David, Marshall Lambertson, Bob Lambertson, Eric Cissna, Tim Cissna, Tom Ferro

Lots of peeling 2 to 3 foot “in-betweeners” rolled in unridden throughout the weekend at the point just down the beach from our campsites at Refugio State Beach . . . Greg Cochran would have been all over them.

Sunday night dinner at the Hollister Brewing Company in Isla Vista. L to R: Diane Duncan, Brennan Duncan, Roy Earnest, Bob Lambertson, Tom Ferro, Sky Parsons, Tim Cissna, Mike Ryan, Dave Duncan. Dave saved a couple of parking spots earlier that day in the Day Use area at Hobson’s County Park for Tim and Bob and their entourage, so they could join him to surf clean 3 …


Surfari to NorCal and Oregon

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by Dave Duncan

After a little planning my family and I set out on a seven-week surf trip to explore and surf along the Northern California and Oregon coastline. We strapped on the longboards, filled our camp trailer with wetsuits, clothing, food and were on the road August 18th departing from Reno, NV.

Before we actually made it into Oregon, we stopped for two weeks in the Ft. Bragg/Mendocino area surfing and playing on the beaches there. The weather was pleasantly warm and the swell was shoulder to head high producing great surfing everywhere. We have friends who live and surf there. Walt, Jackie, Wyatt, Pam, Kevin and Kim welcomed us at our camp and there was never a dull moment during that two weeks. Besides surfing, there was …


Surfari to Puerto Vallarta

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Bill Newlin just got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and offered up these great water shots of Lauri Black and Kurt Munchmeyer enjoying the warm water off Punta de Mita. Hey, Bill. Ever considered a career as a photographer? These are outstanding.
Download Lauri_2.jpg
Download Kurt__1.jpg