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Team PPSC Finished 5th in Oceanside

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Team PPSC Finished 5th in Oceanside

At the Oceanside Longboard Club Contest held just south of the Oceanside pier, August 12 and 13, Team PPSC took
5th Place out of 18 longboard club teams. Considering the stiff competition from mostly SoCal clubs, that is an accomplishment. Be sure to congratulate team members when you see them out in the water.

PPSC Paddle Team


Friday, Feb.24th – Earth Day Surf Movie night

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Friday, Feb.24th – Earth Day Surf Movie night

Friday, February 24th – Earth Day Surf Movie night at The Mildred B Owen Concert Hall in Paciifca.

We are featuring “Women and the Waves 2” The filmmaker “Heather Hudson” will be on hand to talk story about making the movie. Also we will be showing clips from the 2015-2016 Mavericks Contest – Show times 6 PM and 8:30 PM. Tickets available at Sonlight Surfshop and Traveler – Tickets on line at – $15.00 advance & $20.00 at the door. This is a fund raiser for this years Earth Day.


Team PPSC takes 3rd Place at 2016 Log Jam Contest

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Congratulations TEAM PPSC for their 3rd place finish out of 10 teams at Pleasure Point April 23 at Big Stick Surfing Association’s Log Jam.
Every surfer who surfed for PPSC made the finals or at least the Simi Finals. a big shout out to all that participated: Clay Johnson, Kaira Wallace, Konrad Wallace, TK, Brook Valesquez, Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Matt Hertzburg, Pat Faughner, Dana Keenerknecht, Zack Ehrlich, Asi Ghassi, Ryan Devine, Nick Haloulos, Stephanie Phillips, Mike Wallace, Joel Baldwin, Greg Cochran
The Surfing Wallace’s are the first three person family to ever ALL make the finals in their divisions two out of the last 3 years in the history of the Coalition of Surfing Club Events. Congratulations to the Wallace Family, Kaira and Konrad also were third place in the Aloha team finals. Team member Stephanie Phillips was awarded the prestigious “Jay …


A new Powerlines Mavericks Movie to see

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A new Powerlines Mavericks Movie to see


PPSC Wins Best Dancing Group at Fog Fest Parade

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PPSC Wins Best Dancing Group at Fog Fest Parade

Pedro Point Surf Club Wins the “Best Dancing Group” at the 2015 Fog Fest Parade.
Karen Cochran, Lisa Ryner, Robyn King, Sarah Bucini and Greg Cochran.
The Girls killed it.


Local Water Quality Tests

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Check out this website for recent local water quality tests: Earth911


Magical Times with Fred Van Dyke

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By Jay Jansson

Over the past two weeks Peggy and I have had the pleasure to spend quality time with Fred Van Dyke and his lovely wife Joan Marie. We’ve shared dinner and good times with them as well as Joan’s sister, Carol Florence and her significant other, Michael Cripes.

One of our evenings was spent at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival, which was honoring 95 year old Bud Browne for his pioneer contributions to surf film making. Fred along with Gerry Lopez, Peter Cole, Bruce Brown, Linda Benson, Jack McCoy, Joel Tudor and other surf celebrities were there to honor Bud Browne for his contributions to the sport and lifestyle that we love so much.

Browne’s “Surfing The 50’s” movie was shown to a full and hooting house at the Fremont Theatre in downtown San Luis Obispo. Peggy …


Altered Oceans

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The Los Angeles Times has published an enlightening five part series of articles called Altered Oceans, which highlights the crisis in our oceans.  Altered Oceans brings to light the “distress signals from an unhealthy ocean”: the harm of urban runoff, toxic algae, drifting debris and growing seawater acidity. This poignant series underscores why organizations such as Surfrider Foundation exist and why they’ve been working for over 22 years to help protect and preserve the oceans, waves and beaches that we all love. View Altered Oceans


Building a sustainable surfboard

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As a regular reader of, I got a kick out of a recent post about efforts to build surfboards out of sustainable materials.  Here’s a quote: “The ultimate goal [of the EcoFoil by OceanGreen] is to produce custom surfboards that are 100% bio-derived, that is, made entirely from natural materials. With the EcoFoil they’re sure getting close. Instead of polyurethane or
polystyrene blanks (core), they use hollow balsa wood from FSC certified Nicaraguan forests. These handcrafted blanks are purchased under fair trade arrangements for the final shaping in
Cornwall, England. Fibreglass is avoided with the application of an organically grown hemp  cloth ‘skin’. This has about 10% of the embodied CO2 emissions of the fibreglass. Research is still underway to find an appropriate sustainable resin to bind the package. Aside from their standard hemp covered models they offer three EcoFoil balsa boards, beginning with a …


Health Effects of Coastal Water Pollution

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To get the real skinny on the health effects of coastal water pollution, talk to a surfer.  While catching the waves, surfers are also catching colds, stomach bugs, and more.  Surfers long ago made the connection between sick days and urban storm drains dumping untreated runoff from streets, yards, and waterways into beach water.  But researchers have now calculated the likelihood of surfes succumbing to waterborne bacteria and viruses. 

Environmental scientist Ryan H. Dwight of the University of California
at Irvine, and colleagues interviewed 1,873 surfers in two California
surfing hot spots: rural Santa Cruz County and urban northern Orange
County.  Their symptoms include fever, nausea, stomach pain, sore
throats, and eye, ear, and skin infections.  The team reported in the
April 2005 American Journal of Public Health that every
additional 2.5 hours that surfers in either county spent in the water
increased by 10% their likelihood …