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Chill Out Results 2018

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Menehune Results
Boys Final
1. Dane Grochowski
2. Dedon Prince
3. Alexander Meyers
4. Thomas Clesen
5. Jonatan Arzi
6. Bohdi Anderson

Girls Final
1. Sae Ackerstein
2. Naomi Gerhardt
3. Zoe Ann Watson
4. Kai Keating Grochowski
5. Kaiya Hanapen
6. Sydney McGuirk

Click 2018 Chill Out Results for downloadable pdf.

Jr Men
1 Clay Johnson
2 Dayton Lindsay
3 Miguel Pastriech
4 Rylan Anderson
5 Oliver Ebinger
6 Tyler Dartnell

1 Emily Flannagan
2 Kaira Wallace
3 Britney McMartin
4 Naomi Deal
5 Patty Fung
6 Molly Robinson

Mens Masters
1 Masahiko Fukasawa
2 Gene Lindsey
3 Nick Haloulos
4 Christian Wadman
5 Stefan Mayo
6 Richard Dahms

1 Howard Terada
2 Robin Riner
3 Joe Ujcic
4 Don Holm
5 Johnny Bamont
6 Izzy Szczepaniak


1 Travis Perkins
2 Pat Ryan
3 Tom Feix
4 Hunter Chiles
5 Minoru Nobata
6 Myles Kleinfeld


Jr Women
1 Tessa Daroza
2 Angie McAdams
3 Madeline  Hauscarriage
4 Evelyn Ongpin
5 Caity Brower
6 Solia Mayo

Sr Men
1 Zack Ehrlich
2 Ryan Devine
3 Todd Johnson
4 Brendan Foster
5 Casey Lee
6 Brooks Koegel

Womens Masters
1 Karen Cochran
2 Lisa Ryner
3 Stephanie Phillips
4 April Schneider


Super Legends
1 Dave Zarate
2 Rick Loeper
3 Greg Cochran
4 John Chiles
5 …


Sign up for The Big Chill Out, Sat, Sept 22nd

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Announcing this year’s Big Chill Out XXVIII: Saturday, September 22nd, 2018 at Linda Mar Beach, Pacifica. Please join us for another fun filled day of community and surfing, raising funds for Ride A Wave, Surfrider Foundation, and the Pacifica Beach Coalition an S.F. City Surf Project.

To fill out and mail in, download: PPSC BCO surfer regstration form 2018

To enter the contest by registering on Eventbrite:

The deadline for entries is Sept 12, 2018.  Entry fee remains $75 for adults, $35 for menehune/novice, and $25 for each additional division. Fees include surfing, a T-shirt, goody bag, and dinner for adults. Dinner for menehune/novice is $15; adults guests $25.


If you cannot surf, …

This event is all managed by volunteers – which means we’d love to have you help! Options include setting up or tearing down the contest site, selling raffle tickets, checking in contestants, handing …


2018 Schedule of Events

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Thursday, Mar 29 – PPSC Monthly Business Meeting and Pizza Feed – Pacifica Community Center – 7PM – All are welcome
Friday, February 9th – Big Wave Surf Movie “Ocean Driven” The true life story of Big Wave Surfer Chris Bertish, Hosted by PPSC and the Pacifica Beach Coalition – Special Guest Big Waves Surf Stars

September 8th and 9th  – Malibu Surfing Association’s “MSA Classic”
Saturday, September 22nd – Annual “Big Chill Out” Surf Classic

September 27 & 28 – Pacifica Fog Fest (PPSC parade participation Sat)
October 3rd – 26th – Surfari to Hawaii
October 20 & 21 – Swami’s Surf Club Contest – Swami’s
November 6 & 7 – Tourmaline Surf Contest – Cardiff and Pacifica Beach Clubs

 November 17 & 18 – Windansea’s Club event

Business Meetings are on the last Thursday of every month with a few exceptions.  All at the Pacifica Community Center on Crespi.

Business meeting dates:
March …


Friday, Feb.9 – Earth Day Surf Movie night

We are featuring “Ocean Driven” the story of Chris Bertish, a veteran Mavericks big wave competitor. Show times 6 PM and 8:30 PM. Tickets available at Sonlight Surfshop and Traveler – Tickets on line at – $15.00 advance & $20.00 at the door. This is a fund raiser for this year’s Pacifica Beach Coalition Earth Day of Action Celebration.



Team PPSC Finished 5th in Oceanside

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Team PPSC Finished 5th in Oceanside

At the Oceanside Longboard Club Contest held just south of the Oceanside pier, August 12 and 13, Team PPSC took
5th Place out of 18 longboard club teams. Considering the stiff competition from mostly SoCal clubs, that is an accomplishment. Be sure to congratulate team members when you see them out in the water.

PPSC Paddle Team


Team PPSC takes 3rd Place at 2016 Log Jam Contest

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Congratulations TEAM PPSC for their 3rd place finish out of 10 teams at Pleasure Point April 23 at Big Stick Surfing Association’s Log Jam.
Every surfer who surfed for PPSC made the finals or at least the Simi Finals. a big shout out to all that participated: Clay Johnson, Kaira Wallace, Konrad Wallace, TK, Brook Valesquez, Ashley Lloyd Thompson, Matt Hertzburg, Pat Faughner, Dana Keenerknecht, Zack Ehrlich, Asi Ghassi, Ryan Devine, Nick Haloulos, Stephanie Phillips, Mike Wallace, Joel Baldwin, Greg Cochran
The Surfing Wallace’s are the first three person family to ever ALL make the finals in their divisions two out of the last 3 years in the history of the Coalition of Surfing Club Events. Congratulations to the Wallace Family, Kaira and Konrad also were third place in the Aloha team finals. Team member Stephanie Phillips was awarded the prestigious “Jay …


A new Powerlines Mavericks Movie to see

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A new Powerlines Mavericks Movie to see


PPSC Wins Best Dancing Group at Fog Fest Parade

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PPSC Wins Best Dancing Group at Fog Fest Parade

Pedro Point Surf Club Wins the “Best Dancing Group” at the 2015 Fog Fest Parade.
Karen Cochran, Lisa Ryner, Robyn King, Sarah Bucini and Greg Cochran.
The Girls killed it.


Local Water Quality Tests

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Check out this website for recent local water quality tests: Earth911


Magical Times with Fred Van Dyke

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By Jay Jansson

Over the past two weeks Peggy and I have had the pleasure to spend quality time with Fred Van Dyke and his lovely wife Joan Marie. We’ve shared dinner and good times with them as well as Joan’s sister, Carol Florence and her significant other, Michael Cripes.

One of our evenings was spent at the San Luis Obispo Film Festival, which was honoring 95 year old Bud Browne for his pioneer contributions to surf film making. Fred along with Gerry Lopez, Peter Cole, Bruce Brown, Linda Benson, Jack McCoy, Joel Tudor and other surf celebrities were there to honor Bud Browne for his contributions to the sport and lifestyle that we love so much.

Browne’s “Surfing The 50’s” movie was shown to a full and hooting house at the Fremont Theatre in downtown San Luis Obispo. Peggy …