First time ever 2nd Place at LogJam for PPSC

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by Izzy Szczepaniak

Pedro Point Surf Club sent a full team down to surf in Big Stick’s Log Jam on Saturday and Sunday, April 26 & 27. It was a beautiful weekend with lots of sun, warm weather (mid-70’s) and clean ocean conditions. The view from the cliffs all weekend was spectacular with whales swimming by both days and lots of Harbor seal, California sea and sea otters playing in the water. The Log Jam is a contest where the surfers had to use and old 60’s – 70’s board, weighing a minimum of 20 pounds and must surf without a leash.

On Saturday the contest was held at the foot of 38th Avenue . The waves were very small (1-2 feet) but the surfing was fun. Never have so many done so much on so little. It was a festive day with everyone having a great time and lots of Aloha spirit by the competitors, crew, judges and spectators. All the competitors surfed two heats in a random draw and points from both heats were added together to determine who advanced to the second day. All the PPSC surfers advanced into Sunday’s heats.

On Sunday the contest was moved to First Peak and the waves were waist to chest high throughout the day. It was still sunny and warm with a slight breeze coming up only in the last few heats.

PPSCer’s making it to the finals were Stephanie Phillips and Beth O’Rourke (Sr. Womens), Chris Duran (Jr. Mens), Jimmy Holt and Joel Baldwin (Masters), Greg Cochran, Izzy Szczepaniak, and Scottie Correa-Michel (Grand Masters), and Vince Pando (Legends). Todd Smith made it to the finals in the Paddle Race but had to leave before the finals went off.

In the Senior Womens Final Stephanie finished 6th and Beth finished 5th. Chris Duran finished 6th in the Junior Mens Final. The Masters Final was very close but Joel Baldwin finished first, while Jimmy Holt finished 6th. Izzy finished 6th in the Grand Masters Final and Scottie Correa-Michel took 6th. El Presidente Greg Cochran captured first in the Grand Masters Final. Vince Pando placed second in the Legends Division, a Division composed of surfers 70 and over.

This year PPSC participated in the first Aloha Team event. In this competition each team consisted of two surfers from the same club surfing together. In order to score points both surfers (wearing the same colored jersey) had to ride the wave together. From a spectators point of view this was a very entertaining event with the two surfers trying to synchronize their moves on the waves. The PPSC Aloha Team was Joel Baldwin and Steve Thomas. Wave after wave they were on the nose forever, side by side, and making long carving turns, and even moving past one another on the wave. As a result of their great surfing PPSC won the inaugural event.

As a team PPSC finished second behind Big Stick. This is the first time PPSC placed this high in the Log Jam.

Thanks to our brothers and sisters in Big Stick for putting on a great event.

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