Health Effects of Coastal Water Pollution

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Acf188To get the real skinny on the health effects of coastal water pollution, talk to a surfer.  While catching the waves, surfers are also catching colds, stomach bugs, and more.  Surfers long ago made the connection between sick days and urban storm drains dumping untreated runoff from streets, yards, and waterways into beach water.  But researchers have now calculated the likelihood of surfes succumbing to waterborne bacteria and viruses. 

Environmental scientist Ryan H. Dwight of the University of California
at Irvine, and colleagues interviewed 1,873 surfers in two California
surfing hot spots: rural Santa Cruz County and urban northern Orange
County.  Their symptoms include fever, nausea, stomach pain, sore
throats, and eye, ear, and skin infections.  The team reported in the
April 2005 American Journal of Public Health that every
additional 2.5 hours that surfers in either county spent in the water
increased by 10% their likelihood of developing symptoms, the team

(Adapted from American Journal of Public Health, April 2004, as reported in Symbiosis: The Journal of Ecologically Sustainable Medicine.)

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