How do I enter a contest?

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Pedro Point Surf Club members can surf as a team member in the Coalition Surf Contests. You must be a Coalition Club member to enter. Check out the link to the Coalition events on their calendar. Many of the Coalition clubs host annual events such as Pedro Point’s own Big Chill Out. For each event PPSC submits a roster to the hosting club. A check to the team captain (Bill Newlin or Asi Ghiassi) will get you on the roster. Some events have limits to the number of entries each club can submit in the different age groups (usually 10 year divisions). Almost every event has an alternate list and your chances of getting in are pretty good. Most clubs do not cash checks until after the event so it is best to guarantee your spot on the roster in advance.

The coalition events are great fun with a wonderful family atmosphere. There’s a category for all ages, men and women, boys and girls. Some events are two day contests due to the large turnouts. Also, the events have other competitions such as paddle races and tandem surfing. Many clubs host a dinner too. Your entry fee will also get you a goodie bag with event shirt and more. Besides all the freebees, there are the raffles. A one dollar raffle ticket could win you a new surfboard. I won a beautiful board at only my third contest. PPSC’s Big Chill Out raffled off 6 surfboards last year, plus many other great prizes. The thought of surfing Malibu on an EPIC day with only 5 other surfers in the water is the event that hooked me.

Besides the Coalition events, many of the Coalition Clubs host and support other contests that are equally exciting. Ventura Surf Club’s Arden Taylor is one such event. There are pro noseriding contests with $10,000 purses and also Pacifica’s other annual events like the Kapauna Kahuna, Log Shop Blowout Contest and Uncle Dickie’s Surf Contest.

If you’d like to “work up” to a big contest I strongly suggest surfing with PPSC at one of our Intraclub events. Everyone surfs two heats and we all pitch in and judge and help make these casual fun events happen. Points are scored toward year end awards. Check the calendar section of the PPSC page for dates. Sundays at 8 AM. Look for the friendly crowd and bring your $5 entry fee. What a deal!

Contact Bill Newlin for more info:
P.O. Box 893
El Granada CA 94018-0893

When signing up for a contest, be sure to put your age and T-Shirt size on your check.

Bill “Mangler” Newlin

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