Jay Jansson Speaks

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jayjansson-1.jpgJay is the President Emeritus and Founder of the Pedro Point Surf Club. He now lives in San Luis Obispo and shared with us some of his memories and feelings about the Club.

Webmaster Michael Stein: How did the Pedro Point Surf Club come into being?

Jay Jansson: The PPSC actually started with a few of us getting together every Saturday morning at the parking lot at Pacifica State Beach. After several years of enjoying each others company we decided “why not form a surf club”. That was after a really fun day at Rockaway where the surf was small but well formed. We (some 15 of us) went over to Skip’s house and laid out the plans.

Michael: Who were the first club members?

Jay: Jason Jansson was actually our first member. He wanted to be listed as such on the membership list. Jason also is the only person to have won the prestigious Duke Kahanamoku award twice at the Big Stick Surfing Associations Surf-O-Rama contest in Santa Cruz. We’re very proud of him and miss him as he now lives and surfs in New Jersey. Our first club members included: Skip Mayo, Vice Pres., Bill Marona, Treasurer, Cam Pierce, Scribe, Chris Sangiovani, Events Coordinator, and Roy Earnest, Surfari Coordinator. Also joined were Gary Bonini, Lyle Johnson, Rich Bennet, Tony Guzzo, Rom Goglio, Tom Ferro, Bob Varner, Arnie Louie, Rob Cauglan, Rick Eastman, Dan Steurmer, Bob Vangelisti, Jeff Bagshaw and Bernie Halloran.

Michael: You had another name for the Club initially…

Jay: Many may not know this but we originally came up with the name “Hang Ten Surf Club”. It soon changed to the Pedro Point Surf Club to honor our heritage and local surf spot. We wanted to emphasize Pedro Point rather than Linda Mar as the beach has become known over the years to show respect to the surf history of the area. Also there were only a few of us that could or have ever hung ten so we didn’t want to have a name we couldn’t really hang a toe on.

Michael: Do you miss the Club since moving down South?

Jay: Since Peggy and I have moved to San Luis Obispo a year ago, I have really missed surfing with all my PPSC friends. But I have been able to stay in contact as well as surf with many of our club members who have ventured down here for the Big, Bad & Ugly or surfaris.

Michael: And of course, you stay in touch with your homies through the Club Website.

Jay: Just wanted to comment on what a great website you and others have developed and maintained. Your whole approach to the website is outstanding. You really get the stoke of surfing through the technology. I can feel the “stoke” coming right through the screen. It covers so many different connections to surfing no
wonder it has won awards.

Michael: How do you feel about having helped to found this Club?

Jay: It’s nice to see that the surf club we put together back in ’87 is not only alive and kicking but better than ever. I’m very proud of the club and all it has done over the years for surfing, the community and the environment. We have raised thousands upon thousands of dollars for many causes and never asked for any recognition, just walked away with a feeling of saitisfaction and accomplishment. The PPSC under the guidance of Greg Cochran and all the other dedicated members have made all of us proud. Keep up the great work, stay safe in the water and always remember that “the best surfer is the one who has the most fun”.

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