Mahalo from Jay Jansson

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Aloha and I want to thank my many PPSC brothers and sisters along with family and friends who attended the Pacifica Sports Hall of Fame dinner. I was overwhelmed with all the aloha spirit, friendship and love that was shared with Peggy and me. Sunday morning with the PPSC at Boat Docks was also very special and the picture was memorable.JayJanssonPSHOF
It was great to hear Glenn Stenstrom’s story and accolades as he was inducted into the PSHOF for his wrestling and coaching. Glenn is a long time member of the PPSC and a life long Pacifica surfer. It was my honor to be inducted in the class of 2010 of the PSHOF with him.
Much of the honor I received was due mainly to the PPSC founders and all the members and families of the PPSC. We were just having a blast with the Fog Fest Parades, Surfaris, Surf Expos, Shark Presentations, Political Forums, The Big Chill Out and weekly if not daily surf sessions with each other.
Jay's Perfect Wave
I am so glad that Greg Cochran joined the PPSC so early on and he was always a big help with all the events. With Greg and Karen Cochran leading the charge since 1996 the PPSC has not only carried on the tradition and aloha spirit of the founding members, but has built it into a long standing family oriented organization that I am so proud to be a member of since day one.
Papa Jay and grand kids Oct 2009
As Greg mentioned our brotherhood runs deep not only in the waves, but also in the ocean blue of the U.S. Navy and the shores of Vietnam. I was proud to be PPSC President for almost ten years and Greg has now been at the helm for some fourteen years. My hat is off to him for a job well done above and beyond the call of the ocean.
Peggy and I especially appreciate Rob Cauglan, Paul Perez, Roy “Radar” Earnest, Nancy Littlefield, Darryle Isaac, Dan Pincetich, Skip & Penny Mayo, Greg & Karen Cochran, Izzy Szezepaniak, Dennis and Gary Leong, Shawn & Robyn King, Jim & Laurie Vreeland, Joel Baldwin, Brenda Grivin, Suzi Souter,Tim & Debbie Cissna, Lyle Johnson, Rick & Anna Mustille, K.C. & Jo Earnshaw, Dick & Penny Keating, Marilyn Barry, Evie Coclough, Judy Miller, Don & Judy Richardson, Pat & Lisa Sabia, Robert Wolfe and Kurt Schoenrock for being their for my induction. (I know that Bob Gruber, Cam Pierce, Bob Cissna, Bob Courage and Ken Church were there in spirit),
After Greg gave his aloha introduction and then read Fred Van Dyke’s letter, my prepared speech just flew out the window of my mind. Peggy videoed both Greg’s speech and mine and I saw that I didn’t really thank anyone and I’m deeply sorry about that. It was such a mind blower, that I couldn’t think straight and lost my notes. Glad that I had my surf sonnet “Wave Lengths” in front of me to share with the audience.
Many of you may have gotten signed copies of “Wave Lengths”. If you didn’t and would like to have a signed one please let me know at and I’ll be glad to make sure you get one. It was truly inspired by surfing our home spot of “Pedro”, aka Pacifica State Beach, aka Linda Mar. No matter what you call it, it is our home break and we love it as much as the original Pedro Mountain Surf Club did back in the 1930’s.
It’s up to us and all those others that love surfing that magical spot to continue with the “Aloha Spirit” and surfing the waves that we love to hate until those very special days hit. Then we can bask in the glow of that favorite tube or ride that we caught and will remember the rest of our lives.
Keep surfing, loving Mother Ocean and doing what we can for the community and our coastal environment. “Today the Beaches and Tomorrow the World” is an old surfer motto. It’s our charge to hand off to the next generation a cleaner beach and healthier ocean along with our love of wave riding no matter what type of surf vehicle you choose.
Much aloha and a great thank you to the greatest friends and family a surfer could have. Can’t wait to paddle out with you again some day.

Much aloha and mahalo,
Jay Jansson “El Presidente”
President Emeritus PPSC

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