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Gary Leong (one of our earliest club members) went down to Santa Barbara to compete in a Stand Up Paddle contest. On his way back Gary stayed a couple of days with us and we had a blast. He not only helped me fix a sink faucet but also got me back in the water!!

Gary is the “Thomas Edison” of the PPSC and always comes up with the most creative ideas. He along with Chris Sangiovani have the most inventive and out of the box minds in the surf world. Check out what Gary is up to on his Stand Up Paddle board You will get a big kick out of the video and it’s a must for our website viewers to click on.

Next up was Gary’s super secret Surf Vehicle that he is working on a patent for it. I can’t give you the details, but I was able to easy paddle it with his two bladed paddle (patent pending) at Avila Beach in 80 degree windless and calm conditions. As it was my first journey out in the ocean for some time, I sat rather than stood on his newly created SUP. On the way in to the beach I caught a little wave and easily rode it all the way to the sand.

I felt like I was in an old time surf movie where you see the guys running up and down the beach waving their arms because they are so Stoked!

When we got home and I check my email a journalist, Pat Pemberton, from the San Luis Obispo Tribune shared this link with me
He had done an e – interview with me and it might be of interest to club members.

Want to remind everyone that as we live in San Luis Obispo we welcome friends to stop by for a visit and a surf when you’re going up and down the coast. Just check in with me at or (805) 549-0477 to make sure we are at home when you’re coming through.

Also, hope to see y’all up in Pacifica sometime soon as we’ll be dropping in up there every once in awhile.

Lots of aloha
Jay Jansson
President Emeritus PPSC
PSHOF 2010

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