SCLU Memorial Day Contest at Steamers was challenging to say the least

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The 26th annual Santa Cruz Longboard Union surf contest at Steamer Lane was one of the most challenging surf contests I have ever been in.

Sunny skies and warm weather beats good surf – well sort of.

Lots of smiling tanned faces were all over “The Lane” even though the surf left a lot to be desired. It was a minus 1.3 tide in the AM and a total wave killing high tide by 2PM. Still, the surfers managed to work thru some trying conditions to make it to the podium.

PPSC brought a great team this year and out of 9 clubs we finished 4th overall. First round victims to the dreaded kelp and or lack of waves to ride were: Tim Cissna, Bill Patchett, Karen Cochran, Krista Howell, Michelle Simpson and Elyssa Farmer.

Lucky ones to get to the semi’s were Eric Cissna, Zach Erlich, Bill Newlin, Joel Baldwin and Ryan Devine.

The skilled ones who found their way to the podium included Greg Cochran 3rd, Hide Minami 6th, Danny Cortazzo 1st, Mike Gerhardt 3rd, Pat Faughnder 5th Asi Ghaissi 3rd, and Vince Pando 4th in their respective divisions.

Mike G. and Ryan D. represented PPSC well in the paddle race with a hard fought 2nd place.

The Saturday night dinner / Chuck E Cheeze for adults wing-ding was a blast.

Our volunteer’s included Izzy Szczepaniak who judged for 2 days and surfed in the judge’s heat and Rebecca Newlin at registration with Karen Cochran all weekend. We had plenty of other members in attendance thru the weekend and the support was awesome and in case I missed mentioning someone, I apologize.

The California Coalition of Surf Club’s contests are the toughest longboard events and they bring the best surfers of all ages together for some great fun, fierce competition and wonderful camaraderie. I hope that YOU will be attending one soon.

Bill “Mangler” Newlin
PPSC Team captain

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