SCLU Memorial Weekend Club Invitational at Steamer Lane Results

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Here are the results from the 27th Annual Memorial weekend Club Invitational at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz:

Michelle Simpson 2nd Novice

Ryan Devine 4th Sr Men & 5th in Open Men

Danny Cortazzo 3rd Men’s Masters

Beth O’Rourke 6th Sr Women

Sarah Gerhardt 3rd Sr Woman & 1st in Open Women

Karen Cochran 5th Master’s Women

Joel Baldwin 5th Men’s Legends

Greg Cochran 4th Men’s Legends

Vince Pando 3rd Sr Legends

Team Paddle Race Results:

Pedro Point Surf Club 4th

Team Results:

Windansea (La Jolla) 1st

Santa Cruz Longboard Union 2nd

Pedro Point Surf Club 3rd

Doheny Surf Club 4th

Malibu Surfing Association 5th

Big Stick Surfing Associaiton 6th

out of 13 teams

Other Pedro Point Surf Club members who participated in the weekend contest & were also responsible for our 3rd Place Victory:

Pat Faughender

Matt Hertzburg


Dave Duncan

Todd Smith

Dave Zarate


Krista Howell

Izzy Szczepaniak

Rick Loeper

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