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We’re always excited to tell you about other Web sites that have the right amount of stoke for your enjoyment.  We offer links to other local surf clubs, stores, organizations, destinations that we think are of interest to our members and friends.  We have a bias towards local links.


Ride A Wave. A
non-profit organization with a 100% volunteer staff that strives to
give everyone the chance to experience the thrill of riding a wave,
whether they are physically, economically, or developmentally
challenged. Their focus is to ensure that all participants have a fun,
safe, and unforgettable beach experience. They accomplish this goal by
offering a full day of beach activities including: surfing,
bodyboarding, and swimming, beach games, lifesaving demonstrations,
kayaking and marine biology.

Casa Terra Cotta.
An intimate and secluded Mexican B&B featuring four private casitas
("small houses") set amongst lush tropical gardens overlooking the
sparkling, blue Sea of Cortez. Minutes away is Playa Costa Azul, a mile
long stretch of pristine beach renowned for the surf break "Zippers."
They’ve been exceptional sponsors for the Big Chill Out and the Pedro
Point Surf Club for several years. Pacific Publishers.
Tidelog shows tides and currents in the context of sun and moon which
helps you make real-world assessments of the conditions you’ll face.
They’ve been exceptional sponsors for the Big Chill Out and the Pedro
Point Surf Club for several years.

Local Organizations:

Pacifica Beach Coalition
is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the health and
cleanliness of Pacifica’s seven miles of beaches. The organization
sponsors monthly beach cleanups and conducts ocean awareness programs
for school children and community groups.
The Web site of the San Pedro Creek Watershed Coalition, a nonprofit
501(c)3 organization in Pacifica, CA dedicated to protecting,
enhancing, and maintaining the health of San Pedro Creek and its

San Mateo County Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

Surfrider Foundation is the leading national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting our oceans, waves and beaches.

San Francisco Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation.

Surf Clubs:

West Wind Surf Club
in Santa Cruz is a non-profit organization established in 1962 that
endeavors to be a service to the community, promotes positive social
interaction, and encourages each other to surf whenever possible.

Coldwater Surf Club
was founded in 1997 up in Bodega Bay and brings together surfers from
the frigid waters of Northern California to strengthen their community
and protect our coastal waterways.

California Coalition of Surfing Clubs.
Represents the interests of surfing clubs throughout the West. It acts
as a united voice to address issues related to coastal water quality,
beach access and development, and U.S. legislative policy. The
California Coalition of Surf Clubs represents over 9,000 surfers of all
ages, from Baja to the Redwoods.

Marabout Surf Club – A
multi-national group of surfers living and surfing the California coast
from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. We’re all in our 20s and 30s, and
while some of us are new surfers, a few have been at it for quite
awhile. We all agree that the best surfer is the one having the most

Windansea Surf Club
Based in La Jolla, California, and named after the premier reef break,
the club is as a worldwide organization to encourage the leadership of
young people, to protect the ocean, perpetuate the sport of surfing by
actively serving the community, promoting surfers as athletes and good
citizens, winning competitions, and having fun.

Huntington Beach Longboard Crew – The Web site from our longboard surfing brothers and sisters down South.

Pismo Beach Longboarders Surf Club – Dedicated to the preservation, enhancement, enlightenment, promotion and enjoyment of surfing on the California coast.

Surf Related: is a fine Bay Area site with weather, surf reports, and a fantastic collection of photos and Internet surf videos. – Based in Huntington Beach, California, this site offers photos, clubs directory, and local happenings.

Mavericks Surfer Site
– This is the official Web site for the Men Who Ride Mountains
Mavericks surf contest. We love the photos and the videos. A hot site!

Bruce Jenkins’ The Surf Page
– San Francisco Bay Area journalist Bruce Jenkins maintains this fine
page at The Gate, a news Web site run by the Chron, the Examiner and
KRON. His archive of articles is a marvelous historical record of
surfing culture.

Surfing Women:

– check out the calendar for a list of activities and events. Surfing
lessons and other outdoor activities. If you are a woman learning to
surf and want to learn from other women, they have all female surf

WithItGirl – has an interesting section on "water" that’s about women surfers.

Pura Vida Adventures
– Offering surf adventures to Costa Rica exclusively for women. Our
adventures are designed to teach women how to surf or improve their
surfing skills in a fun and non-competitive environment. Surf adventure
activities included daily surf and yoga instruction, salsa dancing,
Spanish lessons, and nature hikes.
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NorCal Surfshop is located on historic Pedro Point.

Log Shop Surfshop in Pacifica has an attractive Website, designed by J. Scott Klossner, who didn’t skimp on the artistic touch.
– Northern California’s 1st women’s surf & skate shop offering a
wide variety of clothing, equipment and accessories for the whole
family. Includes a terrific photo gallery, surf etiquette tips and lots
of Web links.

Other Surfing Links:’s Surfing Links’s Surfing Links

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